D.C. several fires broke out near the White House as their protests continued to rage

Protests about George Floyd’s death continue to rage in the country’s capital, while only a few blocks were fired from the White House on Sunday.

The protesters accumulated road signs and plastic obstacles and lit a flame in the middle of H Street shortly before the start of 11 o’clock. Washington D.C. Curfew by Mayor Muriel Bowser.

The Associated Press reported that some demonstrators had pulled an American flag from a nearby building and threw it on fire.

The basement of the Parish House at the Episcopal Church of historic St. John near Lafayette Park was left in flames according to live shots From Fox News.

In another fire, a public cinder block building with bathrooms and a maintenance office was consumed at the edge of the park.

The police set up a line to push back the crowd of over 1,000 people, fire tear gas and stun grenades, and clean up the park across the White House to a large extent.

A senior official told Fox News that at least 50 US Secret Service members were injured Sunday night.

Police form a line on H Street as demonstrators gather to protest George Floyd's death
As the demonstrators gather to protest George Floyd’s death, the police form a line on H Street.AP

Hundreds of people approached the White House early in the day and walked through the National Shopping Center, “Black Life Matters”, “I can’t breathe” and “No justice, no peace”.

The Executive Mansion was unusually quiet on a Sunday as employees were encouraged to stay away from ongoing demonstrations, According to NBC 4 Washington.

On the second night of Saturday’s protests, 17 people were arrested and 11 D.C. the police were injured.

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Lincoln Memorial, according to the National Mall National Park Service, II. Many famous monuments have been falsified, including the World War Memorial and the statue of General Casimir Pulaski.

Bowser ordered a curfew for city residents on Sunday and will be valid until 6 am on Monday. In addition, D.C. He also activated his National Guard.

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