Crazy Frog: New song after ten years

crazy Frog
New song after ten years

As if it had never been gone: Crazy Frog.

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Crazy Frog once notorious ringtone ad after a gap of more than ten years has come back with a new song.

“Get Crazy Frog in Jamba Sparabo now!” Today, there were almost unimaginable, ringtones for mobile phones (smart phones were not present) 15 years ago, big deal. The event that went off even an animated, behavioral disorders Frog ringtone ads, can win the singles chart. Now Crazy Frog is a new song released after ten year break. It was a deliberately annoying cover version, this time run “Tricky” DMC.

In 2004, the German company Jamda brought out a ringtone including animated “singers”: Who has displaced the advertising period and the memory of no less enervating music videos. A blue frog – visible, without pants, but with later sensory micropenis – mimicking engine noise and it flying through the air. A year later the popularity of the amphibians sacrificial music producers. The song “Axl F’ Frogs” was released, combined with the title song of the “Ding Ding” noise Eddie Murphy strip “Beverly Hills Cop”.

After all, who is this crazy frog?

The single became a hit, of course, rising to number one in the UK Singles Chart and topping lists in several other countries. Declared once from West’s End. After the album’s international hit “Crazy Hits” followed by two more albums. Frogs retired in 2010.

Incidentally, it originated from an early meme. Swede Daniel Malmedahl (41) put his imitation of the sound of a two-stroke engine on the Internet in 1997, and the sound piece became a cult in various forums. His compatriot Eric Wernquast (44) created a 3D animation of a frog with a helmet and aviator goggles, which he initially called “annoying thing” for Viral Noise.

comeback thanks nostalgia-boom

The new song is now online after the first comeback announcement in 2020. “Tricky” Bebibls run by old patterns of Crazy Frog on DMC. A recently published video on YouTube plays at the missile base and mocks the space travels of billionaires like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (57).

According to the press release, manufacturers have responded to numerous requests by fans on YouTube. There, the frog still enjoys cult status. But “Axel F” video has been viewed more than three billion (!). The nostalgia trend, which was recently brought back after 40 years among other ABBAs, has now included the naughty kids as well.


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