Covington student urges rebels in Atlanta to rescue from CNN Center

Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann, who rocketed his national fame last year after joining a non-violent deal with the Indian activists at the Lincoln Memorial, said he was disappointed to see the rebels attacking the CNN Center in Atlanta.

“I don’t want the CNN Headquarters to burn because we live in America and the burning building doesn’t solve the problems” Sandmann tweeted Friday night. “If you want to burn something, go to Iran.”

Rioters suppressed the CNN headquarters on Friday, May 25, as part of the violent wave of protests caused by George Floyd’s death by Minneapolis police.

Sandmann made headlines in January 2019 after confronting his classmates and Native American activists at the Lincoln Memorial. While the early viral video showed Sandmann and his classmates teasing and staring at the activists, the longer video of the event finally proved to be calculated.

Sandmann later filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN for covering the incident. CNN settled in Sandmann for an unexplained amount in January 2020.

A case similar to the Washington Post is still pending.

Park Hills, Kentucky Covington Catholic High School
Park Hills, Kentucky Covington Catholic High SchoolBryan Woolston / AP

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