Covid UK, record of cases. Johnson: ‘The pandemic is not over, but we are not shutting down the country’

In the UK, one in 25 people is currently positive, but the number is set to rise. Enrollments are also increasing. Premiere: “We expect busy weeks, get vaccinated.” And he confirms that “schools and businesses” will remain open for the time being

On Tuesday 4 January, more than 200,000 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the United Kingdom: 218,724, to be precise, compared to more than 1,700,000 swabs analysed. This is the highest number of infections since the pandemic began, although some of these refer to days past and were notified late, according to the BBC. On the same day, 48 deaths were recorded and hospitalizations exceeded 14 thousand, which is almost two thousand more than the previous figure. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the pandemic was not over, but dismissed the hypothesis of new closures (COVID: Live Updates – Exclusive).

numbers are increasing


Risk of hospitalization three times lower with Covid, Omicron: Study

British Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said in a press conference that one in 25 people in the country are currently positive, but that percentage is expected to increase further in the coming days. “Those who think the pandemic is over are very wrong,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, adding that the next few weeks would be “busy” and that staff absenteeism could lead to disruption. However, the premier is confident that this new wave can be overcome without shutting down the country as the Omicron version seems milder than the previous one and this factor, along with the vaccination campaign, is limiting the number of severe cases. “Lockdown is not cost-free and can have long-term consequences. For the time being, we think this balanced approach is the right one,” he said. “Obviously we can’t rule out anything.”

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Prime Minister’s Appeal

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Johnson estimated that the government would ask 100,000 people, whom it has already identified and who work in sectors as important as food, to conduct a rapid anti-Covid test every day starting January 10. The premier eventually invited the population to be vaccinated, specifying that most people in intensive care had received no doses. “It’s madness,” he said, “that there are still some empty slots left to get the boosters.”

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