COVID – Omicron: After 600 cases discovered in the United Kingdom, XE variant “10% more infectious than BA.2” spotted 9,000 km away

crisis From COVID-19 Is it over? While countries are opting to lift in return Sanctions, the doubt remains. because one. number of contamination are always effective under the encouragement ofomicron and his subtype, Two, because the prospect of newer, more infectious and more severe forms raises fears of a return to measures.

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so every time new version Wherever it arises, anxiety is taking hold. it is a matter BA.2, a sub-variant of Omicron, is so contagious that it has become dominant. it is a matter deltacron, A recombinant (of.) delta And omicron) that do not lead to more severe forms of the disease. But on the other hand, that opens the door for other recombinants whose characteristics are unpredictable.

In Finland, United Kingdom…

Department of Medical Sciences on Monday Thailand indicated that a new version found in the country. His name: XE. The “X” stands for “cross”, and hence the recombination of the two Omicron variants. “E” being an appellate letter. XE is a recombinant of BA.1 and BA.2. already seen in Finland or in IsraelThe UK Also reported 600 cases discovered since January 19. The British Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) believes that XE is “10% more contagious” As compared to B.A.2.

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In Thailand, more than 9,000 km away, the XE variant was found on February 22 in a 34-year-old man, a delivery man, and therefore in contact with several people in a single day.

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