COVID – Omicron: 9 new symptoms added to official list in UK

it’s been more than two years covid came into our lives. Since then, almost everything has been said about virus because of which a Problem In the sanitary sense of the word but also in its broader sense.

New habits, new reflexes: new type As they spread, the situation also changed. latest – omicron In lead – giving rise to a more contagious but less severe version of the disease.

As the world tries to adapt in the face of an evolving and changing COVID, many Symptom Reported from simple to common cold to one gastro, Health officials are reporting today that symptoms of COVID may be confused with symptoms of spring allergies.

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trial is no longer free

But while the unofficial list continues to grow, English health officials have just updated their list of symptoms, the real ones. This is particularly the case of the NHS (National Health Protection), the Health Protection Agency UKWhich has added nine new symptoms to its list of Kovid symptoms.

The basic symptoms were “A high temperature (to the touch of your chest or back, without the need to use a thermometer) or chills, cough (continuing for more than an hour or 3 cough episodes in 24 hours), and finally loss or change in taste and smell”,

These have now been added:

– Shortness of breath.

– Tiredness.

– Muscle pain.

– Headache.

– sore throat.

– Stuffy or runny nose.

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– loss of appetite.

– Diarrhea.

– Fever.

The symptoms have already been recognized but which now have an official character in the United Kingdom, where the government has long opposed their idea. “In order not to saturate the test capacity”, But now that the trials are no longer free across the channel, the list has been updated.

The WHO, for its part, lists 13 symptoms of covid, four of which are not listed by the NHS: rash or discoloration of the fingers or toes, red or irritated eyes, loss of speech or mobility and chest pain .

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