COVID-Omicron: “10% more infectious than BA.2”, a new variant discovered in the United Kingdom with more than 600 cases

His nickname: XD. Specificity: It is a recombinant of two strains of Omicron.

after two and a half years health crisisI’Epidemic Of covid Looks like it’s coming to an end. But as countries take turns preventive measuresExperts worried about statistics contamination who are flying. mistake of BA.2, omicron’s subtypevery contagious.

One new versionWhy even more contagious and not more serious: That’s what the scientific community fears.

“Maybe a little more worrying”

At the beginning of the week, the health officials of UK Alert launched: 637 cases of a new variant have been detected in the country since January 19. a new version? not enough. it would really be a recombinant, linkage of two existing strains. this time we ain’t talking deltacronhybrid of delta And omicron, no, this time it is exe that it is a recombinant of two strainsomicron, BA.1 And BA.2, XE has already been seen in many countries including Israel. But in the case of the United Kingdom, this number is contamination Which conspiracy

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And scientists from the Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) believe that XE is “10% more contagious” Compared to BA.2, currently dominant across the channel as well as worldwide.

“recombinants containing a single K spike and structural protein virus (like XE or XF) is very likely to act similar to its parent virus…”says Tom Peacock, a virologist at Imperial College London. “XD is probably a little more related … it has been found in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark and contains the structural proteins of delta. If one of these recombinants were to function very differently from its parent, it would XD Might be…”

New Variant XE

In the UK, more than 600 cases of a new Covid variant combining the two Omicron strains have been found.

Growth rate of XE BA.2 . 9.8 percent higher than

It was also found in Israel earlier this month.

— Kate Pritchard (@ketpri14608408) 28 March 2022

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