COVID-19: Seniors in CHSLD receive their second dose of vaccine in Quebec. News Sun

LResidents of long-term care homes were first vaccinated in December 2020 at the start of the vaccination campaign. They therefore receive a second dose of protection against COVID-19 as a priority.

“Given the current epidemiological situation and with the rise of variants, we are concerned with pursuing this large-scale operation as quickly as possible to protect this vulnerable customer”, expressed Anne Ouellette, spokesperson for Capital’s CIUSSS Do- nationalist

The teams were stationed in the area’s CHSLDs until Friday. For this first day, he visited about twenty establishments, but the operation would continue until early next week.

As to the objectives, it is expected that “in a few days”, all of the 41 CHSLD seniors in Capitol-Nationale received their second protection against the virus.

No such vaccine

In CHSLD, residents were given the modern vaccine as the first dose. Due to delayed delivery, it is the new arrival of the Pfizer vaccine that allows CIUSSS to begin administration of a second dose.

The Institut National de Sante Public du Québé mentions that it is “preferable to offer a different mRNA vaccine for the second dose than to delay the time of administration of the second dose.”

“Whatever vaccine is given for the second dose, the two doses received after that will be considered valid and it will not be necessary to administer the third dose,” the organization says.

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