COVID-19: SAGE Christmas Guide Does Not Include Embrace, Sing or Exclusive UK News

This week, the nation was given the first Christmas gift when UK leaders announced a seasonal release on the lockdown ban from 23 to 2 December.

The grandparents were delighted to see the gifts given to their families on Christmas day and were relieved to discover that the students could officially go home for the holidays.

But critics soon jumped on the bandwagon of allowing three families to form so-called “Christmas bubbles” and issued a stern warning about one. It is possible to double the rate of infection Let the lockdown follow up.

So, to appease the Christmas gate-toggers, the government’s Scientific Advisory Team for Emergency (SAG) has issued some tips.

It says that if people can’t actually “get together” through technology, they should consider taking the following tips:

Celebrate outside

“Where possible, identify ways to move celebrations and observances out,” it said.

The Environmental and Modeling Group (EMG) argued that “aerosol infection risks are considered very low outside” and suggested creating “excitement” around the building and outdoor decor, with events such as light switch-ons and “celebration trails created outside.” “” Pumpkin Trail, like some of the regions adopted for this year’s Halloween.

How the rules are going to change in your area from next week

Some communities are planning “window adventure events” that require 24 houses for children and families to walk to a safe distance, marking each window and participating in a local area.

The SEZ recommends setting a timeline for Christmas carols to go to the streets or neighborhoods instead of going from house to house, or a time limit for everyone to come out (such as a Christmas Eve jingle) to ring the bell, which is what Clap for Cares activity is all about. Echoes “March and April”.

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Apply sanitizer to the front door

As well as hand sanitizers, seating arrangements should be made at a social distance. “Probably put masks on visitors’ coats and bags so they always have one when they go out, ”the advice says.

No touching, no games or naughty singing

Do not touch each other. Try “greetings from afar” when a guest arrives, such as “in the palm of your hand”, SAJJ advises.

Children should see their grandparents wherever possible.

If there are more people, only members of the same family should share a room.

Think of quizzes rather than board games – and avoid karaoke

Avoid crowding on exclusive or trivial quests and enjoy games like quizzes that have limited interactions instead. California public health officials are recently celebrating by thanking Americans that they should not sing Thanksgiving together because the saliva particles produced in the “heartfelt song” are easily infected.

Limited number

Just because we are To be able to Having three families doesn’t mean we should.

Limiting the number of visitors at once and their viewing time “limits the time it takes to create a viral load and provides an opportunity to air and clean the house before the arrival of another visitor”.

Also try to limit it to those who have avoided risky contact for two weeks before their trip.

Canapes do not double

November 23, 2020, Lower Saxony, Delmanhurst: A Santa Claus was wearing a protective mask.  For months the Borchart family had been doing handicrafts and decorations.  Now their house is illuminated at the top of the roof.  Photo: Cena Schuld / DPA
No Santa – Post gifts instead of distributing them personally

The SAJJ said it was risky to share food and drink with other family members who stayed overnight.

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“Internal interactions in the winter months are more likely to be risky than in the warmer months because” there is a decrease in domestic or public indoor ventilation when doors and windows are closed with elements. “

Don’t do a Santa

Post gifts instead of delivering them in person.

Go virtual

Think about sharing Christmas food or opening a gift via video-conference

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