COVID 19. Friday, October 1: Getting better and better


Posted on October 1, 2021

Here is an update on the health situation related to the coronavirus pandemic in Brittany as reported by Ars this Friday, 1 October. The situation continues to improve, but ARS still calls for mobilization to continue the vaccination campaign:

“Britney Records” 976 cases Additional positives from 24 September.

incidence rate2 now the amount is 32.6 Cases per 100,000 residents (-12,3 digits1) with positivity rate at the regional level3 1. NS %.

All indicators have been developing favorably for several weeks in a row.

Mobilization should continue for the vaccination campaign, especially at the booster dose, recommended for people over 65, people at very high risk of serious disease, people with severe immunosuppression and those who have received Janssen vaccine.

List of vaccination centers . available on

Management of Covid-19 patients in hospital in Brittany

· 292 Current hospitalization (-17.)1), not 24 (-6 .)1) in intensive care

Since the start of the pandemic:
8 971 Hospitalized patients returned home (+451) ;

1 766 patients died (+61)

Screening Dynamics

Testing is at the heart of the government’s strategy to fight the virus. To quickly break the chains of contamination, it is important to isolate people who test positive and their contacts quickly.

57,350 RT-PCR tests were conducted between 22 and 28 September (-9.4%) compared to last week):

There are currently 43 (-5.) in Brittany.1) cluster Under investigation by Ars Bretten:

· 6 in Ctes d’Armor (3 in schools and universities, 1 in EHPAD and 2 in the private sector)

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· 8 in Finistère (2 in the workplace, 5 in schools and universities and 1 in the private sector);

· 16 in Ille-et-Vilaine (1 in the professional environment, 7 in the school and university environment, 1 in the EHPAD and 7 in the private sector);

· 13 In Morbihan (1 in nursery, 1 in professional environment, 7 in school and university environment, 1 in EHPAD and 3 in private sector).

vaccination dynamics

As of 09/29, The vaccination coverage of the Breton population is 81,5% (At least one dose for all ages).

5 274 920 Vaccinated:

980,707 in Ctes d’Armo

1,456,455 in Finisterre

1,620,773 in Il-et-Vilaine

1,216,985″ in Morbihan

1-data compared to 09/24/21
The 2-incidence rate represents the number of new cases of COVID-19 diagnosed by PCR or antigen test during the last 7 days as compared to the number of residents of the department. The adopted unit is per 100,000 residents.
3-Positivity rate represents the number of positive cases for COVID (PCR and antigen test) compared to the number of people tested in 7 days.

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