Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron’s announcements

The heat of mobilization for vaccination! “Our country is facing a vigorous resumption of the pandemic…i don’t acts Now the number of hospitalizations will increase Since one month August… ” CIt is with these words that President Emmanuel Macron announced, this July 12, 2021, a series of measures to counter the resumption of the pandemic caused by the Delta version. a “Nonew speed race who wants”Vaccinate as many people as possible at any time, everywhere.because, he recalls, vaccination is The only way to return to normal life”. Here is a summary of the measures announced for this vaccination race.

Compulsory vaccination for caregivers

All nursing and non-nursing staff in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and establishments for people with disabilities, as well as all professionals and volunteers who work in contact with the elderly or vulnerable, including at home, should be vaccinated before vaccination begins. day 15 september. According to Emmanuel Macron, from that date, there will be an investigation and sanctions will be imposed.

Vaccination assistance for vulnerable people

To facilitate vaccination of people at risk, the president announced the deployment of vaccinations to as many of these people as possible, including in schools, from the beginning of the school year, without giving further details.

Third dose at the beginning of the school year for those vaccinated at the beginning of the year

To avoid a possible drop in vaccine effectiveness six months after the second dose, a third dose of the vaccine will be administered to all those who have been vaccinated at the start of the vaccination campaign (January 2021). There will be appointments from September.

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Not compulsory vaccination for all but extension of health pass

According to Emmanuel Macron, vaccination will not be mandatory, but health passes will be required in more and more places.To encourage people to get vaccinated”.

From July 21, this mole will be needed to access all leisure and cultural venues that can accommodate more than 50 people. In August, this obligation will be extended to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, retirement homes as well as long-distance air, train and coach travel.

PCR tests will become chargeable

Beginning the fall of 2021, PCR tests to detect a possible infection will no longer be reimbursed by Social Security, except with a medical prescription.

New curfew in Martinique and Reunion

To prevent a resumption of the epidemic seen in Martinique and Réunion, a state of emergency will be declared with the establishment of a curfew in both these regions. Measures that can be taken in places in metropolitan France that exceed the incidence rate of 200.

reinforced border controls

Finally, the president announced the establishment of reinforced border controls, along with forced isolation for unvaccinated travelers.

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