Covid: 10,000 fine for self-isolation violation

Covid: 10,000 fine for self-isolation violation

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People in England who refuse a self-separation order can be fined up to 10,000 10,000, the government has said.

The new legal duty from September 26 is to require people to self-isolate if they test positive for coronavirus or are identified as close contact.

The new measures include providing one-off support 500 for low-income people and penalties for employers who promise to be self-employed.

A further 4,422 new Covid-19 cases and 27 deaths were reported on Saturday.

350 new cases have been reported in Scotland, the highest daily increase since the girl, 212 in Wales and 222 in Northern Ireland.

Penalties for repeat offenders and for the “most serious violations” will initially start at £ 1,000 to 10,000 10,000. Until now, the suggestion of self-separation was only guidance.

Announcing the new rules for England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the best way to fight the virus was to follow everyone’s rules.

“So no one underestimates how important it is, the new rules mean if you have a virus you are legally obliged to do it or the NHS tests and traces tell people who prefer to ignore the rules to be significant.” Will face fines.

“We should do our best to control the spread of this virus, to protect the most vulnerable people from being infected, and to protect the NHS and save lives,” he said.

At a glance: What are the new rules?

  • People in England who have been told to self-isolate by NHS tests and traces Up to 10,000 10,000 for the worst offenders – up to 10,000 10,000 fine – If they fail to do so
  • This Those who test positive include them And Those identified as intensive communication Sure case
  • It is Also includes employers Who force employees to ignore self-isolation orders
  • The NHS will create tests and traces Regular contact with those who are isolated Checking compliance
  • Arrangement Apply from September 28 And will Enforced by police and local authorities
  • Those who receive benefits or low income and those who cannot work from home One can get £ 500 one-off payment If self-isolated

Those who attract the maximum punishment are described as those who refrain from self-isolation of other people, such as an employer insisting on any staff member to come to work in violation of any order.

This penalty applies to people who have failed to segregate for 14 days after returning to the UK from a country not listed as a low-risk country.

In Bolton, a returning holidaymaker, who did not self-destruct and crawled a pub instead, is being partially blamed for the city’s spike in some cases.

Iron fist in a velvet glove

The Prime Minister expressed concern that existing rules are often interfered with and not being enforced effectively.

The government’s scientific advisers have advised 4 out of 5 people to bend or break the rules self-detachedly.

Thus, in England an initial fine of 10,000 can be levied from 26 September, again rising to জন্য 10,000 for offenders.

But the iron fist is wrapped in a velvet glove.

Following pilot schemes in some parts of Lancashire, বা 500 unit dollars will be available in benefits or for low-income people who have to be self-employed and who cannot work from home.

The UK government hopes the new measures will be replicated in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – each with the power to create its own coronavirus rule.

Officials said the NHS test and trace would communicate regularly with self-proclaimed individuals and report suspicions that people were not cooperating with police and local authorities.

The police will follow the reports of members of the public who are not self-isolated, even if they have passed positive tests in Covid-19 hotspots and in groups considered “high-risk”, and will check their compliance.

Cases of non-compliance with “high-profile and dignified” cases may follow.

Like other coronavirus rules, there will be certain exemptions for those who need to avoid illness or damage during isolation and for those who need care.

Changes to their assistance in receiving benefits or low incomes will primarily affect around four million commuters who cannot work from home in England, the government said.

The one-week pay-as-you-go rule is লার 95.85 per week for both statutory sick pay and self-isolation in the most risky areas of intervention, in addition to the previously announced additional reward of অতিরিক্ত 182.

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