Coronavirus UK News: Millions of cases told not to leave as triple and reach the tipping point. UK | News

Coronavirus UK News: Millions of cases told not to leave as triple and reach the tipping point.  UK |  News

The government has spent this weekend informing mayors and council leaders around the UK about the new three-tiered “Local COID Alert Levels”, which Boris Johnson will announce tomorrow. The northern and central regions may be placed on the third level, the most stringent restrictions, as cases are on the rise.

Following counter-responses from some regions to the new restrictions, mayors and council leaders will receive more statements on the new “co-design” restrictions under the new rules.

Areas placed at the “too high” level will see hospitality or leisure spaces close.

This comes after a further 15,116 COID cases and more than 81 deaths were recorded in the UK on Saturday.

It rose to 13,864 infections on Friday, 12,827 seven days ago and 6,739 two weeks ago.

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8.18am Update: England has now reached COVID levels equal to the first wave

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam warned people to wash their hands, wear face masks and maintain social distance to help keep infection rates low.

He said: “In our national fight against the Cavs, we are at a tipping point similar to where we were in March; but if we act now, we can prevent history from repeating itself.

“At the beginning of the year, we were fighting a semi-invisible disease, about which we had very little knowledge, and it was rapidly evolving in the community.

“Now that we know where it is and how to deal with it – let’s realize this opportunity and stop repeating history.”

7.39am Update: What Happens After Another Lockdown?

Oakingham MP John Redwood has expressed concern about further concerns about the new sanctions and how it will eventually be taken.

Mr Redwood said: “Before a new lock is imposed, the government needs to explain how it will be lifted and how it will stop the virus once it is locked down.”

He had previously tweeted: “Let’s assume that there is no initial solution to all vaccines. We should give people the opportunity to work as safely as possible.

“We can’t go back to the national pool without serious economic damage.”

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