Coronavirus: The ‘rule of six’ is effective

Coronavirus: The 'rule of six' is effective

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The ban on social gatherings of more than six people has come into effect due to an increase in coronavirus cases.

The “rule of six” applies to both inside and outside the home in England and Scotland and only inside Wales.

Restrictions affect everyone in England but will not include children under 11 in Wales or under 12 in Scotland.

Some Tory MPs have called on the number 10 to release even the youngest children in England.

For the first time since March, new rules have been introduced in the UK as the number has risen from 1 to 1.2, indicating that infection is on the rise.

A further 3,330 positive cases were recorded in the UK on Sunday – more than 3,000 in the case for the third day in a row – with five more reported dead.

The total number of coronavirus deaths across the UK is 41,628, according to the UK Government’s Coronavirus Dashboard.

Home Secretary Preity Patel called on the people not to enforce the law, as the police force had vowed to enforce them.

M. Patel said: “Across the country, we have all made great sacrifices in the fight against coronavirus. But recent events have made it clear that more needs to be done to prevent the spread of the disease.”

Cabinet Office Secretary Michael Gove defended the new measures in England as “absolutely correct”, saying some people contributed to the way the virus was transmitted “unknowingly”.

“So, a clear message – as simple as possible – makes it easier for all of us to do things that are helpful to others,” Mr. Gove said.

At a glance: What are the new rules?

  • Social gathering More than six people In England, Scotland and Wales will not be allowed under the law Monday to September 14th With some exceptions
  • New rules Applies to people in private homes, inside and outside the homeAnd places like pubs, restaurants, cafes and public outdoor spaces
  • It is Applicable to all ages In England, however, not in favor of the elderly 12 and under in Scotland, And those Under 11 in Wales
  • Rules Not applicable in school and workplace, Or weddings, funerals and organized team sports
  • Full list of discounts Published in England
  • People Those who ignore the police Off 100 can be fined – a maximum of 200 3,200 can be doubled with each offense

Under the new rules, large gatherings are allowed in gyms, schools, places of worship, weddings and funerals. Education and work settings are not affected.

England’s “Rule of Six” replaces existing restrictions on gatherings of more than 30 people and current guidelines to allow two families to meet indoors.

England, Scotland and Wales each have new restrictions.

Police can dismantle more than six groups, with group members facing a 100 fine for the first offense and doubling to £ 3,200 for each offense.

Northern Ireland announced a six-person, 24-day indoor gathering had a limit of two families, reducing the previous ban to 10 people from four families.

Confused countries have the power to impose their own coronavirus restrictions, and while countries in the UK have largely moved in the same direction, they have done so at their own pace during the epidemic.

Metropolitan Police have said they will mobilize resources across the capital to impose stricter restrictions on social gatherings.

But the West Yorkshire Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, warns that staff is already so widespread that it is unrealistic to rely solely on the police to enforce new laws.

Martin Hewitt, chairman of the Council of National Police Chiefs, said preventing the spread of the coronavirus was “a joint effort.”

He said: “The demands of the police service are now on an equal footing with the epidemic, which makes it extremely important for all of us to take personal responsibility, exercise restraint and prevent the spread of this deadly virus.”

The government has said that covid-protected marshals will be introduced in cities and towns to help ensure compliance with regulations.

But local councils – which were expected to provide staff – have said they will need full funding.

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