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NYC mayor says 1% of people tested across the city are positive for Covid-19, a record low

United Airlines said on Wednesday that all passengers now want to confirm their own health before boarding the plane.

The airline is the first to require all passengers to complete a health questionnaire for coronavirus screening as part of the check-in process.

The survey asks the passengers to confirm that they have not experienced coronavirus symptoms in the past 14 days or that they have tested positive for the virus in the past 21 days.

It also prompts passengers to agree to wear a face mask with an airline policy during the flight but without a federal requirement.

A United Airlines flight attendant, Susannah Carr, said on Tuesday before her Home Transport Committee said that her colleagues “could extract the fact that passengers do not like wearing the mask for longer than just eating or drinking. . This is definitely a subject we need to address. ”

The airline said customers who “could not confirm these requirements” could “reschedule their flights”.

There is no government or industry wide requirement for this extensive health screening.

He asked the Airlines Transport Security Administration to scan passengers, but so far the agency has not decided to do so.

At some airports, health screening has been done by government officials, especially for incoming international passengers, and Frontier says it takes the temperature of every passenger to check the fire before getting on.

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