Coronavirus: MP Margaret Ferrier, who traveled with Seaweed, will not take any further action from the Met Police. Politics news

Margaret Ferreira, an MP from London to Scotland after a positive test for the carnivirus, will not take any further action from the metropolitan police.

Scotland Yard said they had decided not to take any further action because they were Rules relating to self-separation in England He is effective after the test.

However, they have referred the matter to Police Scotland.

Rutherland and Hamilton West MPs begin to feel the “mild symptoms” of MS Ferrier COVID-19 September 26 and gave a test.

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Ferreira ‘should consider his position’, Sturgeon said

Two days later, the politician was so “much better feeling” Took the train to London Before speaking in the House of Commons debate

He was found to be positive about the coronavirus after his speech in Parliament, but decided to travel hundreds of miles home by train in Glasgow the day after September 29th.

The Metropolitan Police considered whether MS Ferrier was broken Coronavirus Rules, which require people to legally isolate themselves for a positive test

However, they said that Mrs. Ferrier had given an examination before the strict rules came into force in England, so they would not conduct an investigation.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “The trial took place before 29 September and therefore the regulations do not apply.

“In that case, the Metropolitan Police will take no further action.”

“We are in contact with Police Scotland and have referred the matter to them for consideration.

“We urge everyone to abide by all laws and any relevant guidelines to help protect themselves and others.”

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MS Ferrier, who won his Commons seat from Labor in last year’s general election, has been expelled from the SNP parliamentary party.

But he is there MPs have called for his resignation“I want to continue to fight for my election because he is who I am,” he said.

SNP leader Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is among those calling for MS Ferrier’s resignation.

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