Coronavirus, a rare variant found in Naples: only 32 cases in the United Kingdom. Reza: “We will strengthen epidemiological surveillance”

A rare Kovid version has been identified in Naples. As it is the first time in Italy, its characteristics are not yet known, from above it is not known what its force of infection is. It was separated by the Pascal Institute in association with Federico II University. According to what was revealed by the Campania region – which spread this news – so far they have only been intercepted 32 Cases of this rare form throughout Britain (B.1.525 its official name). Some other cases have been reported in Nigeria, Denmark and the United States. But this is fine for the first time for Italy.

“After comparisons with the group of emerging zoonos department of the Institute of Higher Health – the researchers know – we had confirmation that this is a variant described so far in a hundred cases in some European and African countries, but also in the United States. So – they explain again – we immediately submitted the sequence to the International GISA database and reported it to the health authorities.

The president of the Campignia region commented positively on the discovery: “A timely and very useful result, a discovery of exceptional scientific value,” said Vincenzo de Luca. One result is that the governor confirms that “the government is required to adopt extraordinary national measures to not completely end the vaccination program, and which supplies the vaccine needed to combat the disease” Makes it even more uncertain. Coronavirus epidemic. »

Reza: “ISS and Ministry are strengthening surveillance on variants”

Meanwhile, Gianni Reza, director of prevention of the Ministry of Health, reviewed the SAR-COV-2 variants in Italy and, during his speech, learned that the Institute of Higher Health and the Ministry of Health are “strengthening microbiologists” and epidemiological surveillance And are repeatedly constructing prevailing studies that reveal what is the distribution of variants in the national arena “.

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In the form of antigen tests, Reza reassured by explaining that these mutations of «n protein are now a rare occurrence, so the tests we are using are very useful. Only in specific cases – he said – is it correct to resort to molecular tests to confirm “.

The professor then reiterated that the three most well-known viral variants are the English one which is “very permeable, the most widespread on national territory, but fortunately does not reduce the effectiveness of vaccines”, Brazil and South Africans which – he concludes – Currently there is very limited distribution in Italy ».

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