Controversial radar app in UK

British developers recently launched an application that quickly became the center of a lot of lively controversy. Called Speedcam Anywhere, it’s an application that allows you to turn your smartphone into a radar.

The application leverages artificial intelligence to accurately estimate the speed of a vehicle filmed from your smartphone.

All you have to do is pull out your smartphone, launch the app, and point the vehicle at the app for the app to record a short video clip. The video is automatically sent to a remote server that hosts algorithms that calculate vehicle speed from the various data on the video, and uses geolocation data to compare the estimated speed with the speed limit in the area. Is.

In Pro mode, the margin of error will be only 3 km/h as against 10% in Basic mode. The application is also responsible for referencing the data of the vehicle filmed: license plate, model, engine, year …

The idea behind the application is to allow residents who regularly face speeding violations to more easily identify crimes and compile files that allow public services to limit motorists’ speed. To motivate them to solve their goals. ,


For motorists, the application is really not looked at very well and is considered above all as a tool to inform.

Launched last March, the application has been targeted by certain groups of motorists, with the development team receiving thousands of emails of insults and criticism.

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