CNN team arrested on live TV among protests by George Floyd in Minneapolis

A CNN team was arrested on live TV for organizing protests in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.

Reporter Omar Jimenez and his crew were handcuffed and detained by the Minnesota State Police after 5pm local time, according to the network.

One member was informed that they were arrested and did not act as the crew was told to move, a member said.

Officers in body armor and riot gear moved towards the crew after they first arrested a protester behind them, live broadcast shows.

Jimenez described himself as a CNN reporter and told the officers that the crew would move everywhere they were told.

“This is the scene played in Minneapolis,” says Jimenez, while an officer holds his arm. “This is really part of the advanced police presence we see here in minutes, when the local police come to the fire station in the building where we show you we are burning.”

“This is part of the state patrolling unit, which is moving on the street, distributing protests for people to leave the region,” he said. “So we went away, we cleaned the area.”

At this point, a second officer told him that he was arrested, and the couple handcuffed him.

They did not answer questions about why he was arrested.

Jimenez and the crew were reporting near the 3rd Division of the Minneapolis Police Department, set on fire amid protests.

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