Chocolate Hills – How was this very unusual corner of nature constructed?

Only a couple of those hills have a developed tourism infrastructure. In fact, you just need to see others from afar. Furthermore, it is already difficult to preserve these hills.

Although they are proposed to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Philippines is struggling to protect all the hills.

In fact, peasants and legal and illegal excavators, constantly roam between these hills. Such human activity is detrimental to the vegetation of the Chocolate Hills, which gave this creation of nature such a name.

These hills are very regular in shape and look like peculiar mounds. But in reality it is a geological monument formed by karst processes.

The table next to an observation deck states that the Chocolate Hills are the remains of corals that have been raised and polished for centuries and sanded by rain. And this, by the way, is the most concrete version of the formation of these mountains.

There are also many legends that explain the origin of these hills. One legend has it that the two giants threw stones and sand, but were eventually exhausted, reconciled and left such a battlefield behind.

Another legend is more romantic – Vishal Arogo falls in love with mortal Alia. When she died, Arogo cried so much that her tears made such a scenario.

The Chocolate Hills are covered with lush vegetation. People grow rice in the flatter areas between the hills. Such a regular figure of the hills, reminiscent of human creations, is one of the reasons why the Chocolate Hills are called.

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The Hershey Kisses is conical of the Chocolate Hills, reminiscent of those made since 1907. In fact, other chocolates have the same shape. In the dry season, the vegetation of the Chocolate Hills begins to relax – when it loses moisture, it turns brown. Thus, the hills take on a brown and chalky texture.

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