Charters: “Extraordinary”, six Marceau students soon Science Po . on the bench

These six high school students are soon on the bench of Science PO. (© G / Actual Charters)

“Extraordinary”! Lizzie Marceau’s Principal at Chartreso (Eure-et-Loir), Can’t control it. Yann Messina is proud of his students, and for good reason, six of the eight terminals eligible for Science PO were selected.

During all the preparation for the exam, they supported each other, helped by the high school educational team, of course, the alumni of science po, But also capable of performing hard work.

Recruitment in Paris Julian Vitry wants to work in the strategy Defence, International Relations, “preferably at the United Nations”. Marion DeJean wanted to join school accredited to register her name in EU climate policy.

Future diplomats, ambassadors and journalists?

Career dream at Inès Fleury journalism Culturally, she wants to talk about music, a passion for this brilliant student at the Conservatory of Chartres. Pierrot Guillaume would also like to pursue a journalism, political column, or career path diplomatic relations.

Madeleine is going to start a double degree hoping to be Menounga Lawyer in International Law. Finally, Alyssa Presant, The Courts Embassy.

So many careers, which are quite accessible to these high school students, according to the principal, that emphasize not only their work, but their involvement in Marceau’s life.

“It’s not impossible to enter Science Po”!

Maison des Lycéens, Conseil de Vie Lycéenne, humanitarian associations, team sports, music… They know how to do everything, these are the students of Marceau!

We’d like to say it’s not impossible to get into Science Po, of course, we all had good grades, but extracurriculars shouldn’t be overlooked, there’s proof!

Pierrot GuillaumeHigh School Student, Science Po . future students of

“Sometimes it was complicated and frustrating to describe myself, there weren’t enough characters”, says Julian.

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One thing is certain, he will not forget Marceau, “We do the first two years in different cities, while the Science Po is connected to Paris, a year abroad, then we all meet in Paris for the Masters”!

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