Cervical cancer: Actors armed with preventive measures

An information, awareness raising and discussion workshop brought together doctors, actors, civil society organizations (OSCs), stakeholders in the education system On vaccination against human papilloma virus (HPV). This, in the context of COVID-19, in particular cervical cancer, This was on March 10, 2022 at the Belle Cte ​​Hotel in Kokodi Abidjan.
Organized by Ong Zhapaigo and Gavi Coalition in association with Department for Coordination for Extended Immunization Program (DC-PEV) and Department for Interaction of Social Work in Schools (Dmoss), This information workshop focused on the mechanism and implementation of the fight against cervical cancer. it was intended to promote Engage in conversation and explore all avenues for wider communication.

According to Dr. Kylie Ouattara, Country Director of Ong Zhapiego in Cte d’Ivoire, the objective To encourage greater participation of the academic community in HPV vaccination activities during the COVID-19 period with a view to vaccine approval. It also aims to present the cervical cancer burden and results of HPV vaccination for the year 2021. It was a question of raising awareness among the educational community to disseminate essential, fair and reliable information on vaccination against HPV during Covid-19. and finally contribute to strengthening coordination through the identification of innovative strategies to facilitate the performance of vaccination sessions in schools.

To Dr. Yao Kosia, the deputy director of PKExpanded vaccination program in Cte d’Ivoire (PEV), it indicated thatDespite several strategies undertaken by the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), regarding coordination, promotion of HPV vaccination, service delivery, the report from January to October showed administrative vaccination coverage below the targets set. “HPV first dose at 32% and HPV second dose at 13% against an estimated 70% operational action plan (PAO) target set in 2021”, she lamented.

Earlier, she urged parents and especially young girls to come and get vaccinated “We encourage parents to bring in the cervical cancer vaccine to protect their 9-year-old daughters. The vaccine is available in Cte d’Ivoire as of 2019, it is free and is available for young girls from the age of 9. intended for. He indicated.

On this occasion journalist Agnes Credi, who is also the President of the Foundation to Action Against Cancer (Fac). They requested for each other’s commitment in the implementation of the objectives. To eradicate cervical cancer outside our borders, especially through awareness and communication on vaccinating girls against HPV in schools.

Dr. M’fa Sanogo, Deputy Director of Health Education in the Directorate Congratulated and congratulated the organizers for their vision, for its part, for the reciprocity of social work in schools (Dmoss). “This initiative is welcome as there is a need to spread information and raise awareness about cervical cancer vaccine. We have been reassured that mortality and morbidity are high but it is not inevitable,” he expressed happiness.

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