Catalonia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom … How can we explain the decline in epidemics among our neighbors?

Overview – While they have often taken health measures similar to those of France, many European countries are reporting declining indicators for COVID-19. Something to be optimistic about.

French hospitals are still far from being overwhelmed, as was the case during the waves of the pandemic for the past year and a half. But according to Olivier Veran, the country has recorded an outbreak of contamination for the past two weeks, enough to give rise to fears of a new peak soon, possibly at the end of summer.

But at the same time, in many areas of Europe, the epidemic is decreasing for the first time in a month. This is the case in Catalonia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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Delta version: France facing fourth wave

The autonomous Spanish region, which on Thursday recorded an incidence rate of more than 1,239 cases per 100,000 residents over the past 14 days, seems less beset by the pandemic than some time ago. Because after several weeks of increased pollution, the trend has reversed, especially among young people: the region had 1,800 cases per 100,000 inhabitants 15 to 29 years ago, compared to 1,400 today.

For Doctor François Lamotte, French doctor in Rosace, Catalonia, “People have started paying attention again” in this Spanish region. “They put on their masks in the street again”, in particular, he continues for TF1, emphasizing “Many Developments” In the behavior of the local population, even before the restrictions imposed by the authorities, such as the closure of nightclubs, a ban on gatherings of more than ten people and a curfew at 1 am.

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Even in the UK, the figures are still higher, but lower than they were a few days ago. It must be said that the country has barely emerged from the weeks-long restrictions. Between Thursday 16 and Thursday 23 July, where an average of 45,889 new cases were reported daily, the decline seems to be starting.

British health officials on Friday announced 36,389 new infections and 64 deaths. 39,906 and 44,104 new cases were registered in the country on Thursday and Wednesday respectively. However, given the hospital pressure experienced by the country, the trend of relativity.

According to official figures, the situation in the Netherlands also seems to be improving. The new hospital admissions figures confirm this: 124 this Wednesday compared to 70 this Tuesday. Moreover, while the country had recorded 11,297 new infections on Friday, July 16, on Thursday it identified only 6,233.

So can France also expect a fall in its indicators? This Wednesday, Olivier Veran announced to the deputies that “All models are consistent, they provide us with a pandemic peak Anything not done at the end of the summer will overwhelm our hospital services.”.

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Asked by TF1 in the video at the top of this article, Professor Patrick Burche, a doctor and member of the Scientific Council, believes that “Probably, as before, it will decrease after a few weeks. And we’ll probably end up with far fewer cases” this moment. In fact suffice it to suggest that in France, thinness will first undergo a decline.

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