Casualties due to collisions between tourist planes and microlight jets in France France

The small microlight carrying the two collided with a DA40 tourist aircraft carrying three passengers.

A tourist plane and a microlight plane have collided in western France, local authorities say five people have been killed, prosecutors say at least two were killed, but overall remains uncertain.

At around 4:30 pm local time (14:30 GMT), a small microlight carrying two people collided with a DA-40 tourist plane, local government official Nadia Seghiar told local government official Nadia Seghiar. AFP

“(Microlight) landed to walk around a house without harming anyone, (DA40) in a populated area a few hundred meters away,” Seghiar said. “All five involved died.”

“Air emergency personnel were first brought from Lyon to track the plane, which was quickly found,” the prefecture said.

Grameen Dulin, a lawyer for a nearby tour, told AFP that there was “little reliable information” about who was involved. “We can assume that five people have died, but it’s not exactly certain, there are definitely at least two,” Dulin said.

About 50 firefighters were called in, while 30 gendarmes set up roadblocks around the crash sites.

An eyewitness told AFP that the crash zone was completely cordoned off and locals were told to stay in their homes.

No details have been released about the identities of the victims or the cause of the collision. Lokesh police have started investigation into the accident.

Clashes between Microlite and other aircraft are rare, although seven people, including two minors, were killed in an August 2019 crash between Microlight and a helicopter in Mallorca, Spanish islands.

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