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The host nation of the African Cup of Nations, Cameroon, won the opening match by defeating Burkina Faso (2–1). Find the target in the video.

Cameron was scared. But Cameroon did manage to enter the 2022 African Cup of Nations. A goal from Gustavo Sangare (24) led just half an hour earlier.I), Antonio Conceicao’s men overthrow Burkina Faso in front of their Yaound audience, thanks to a double from Vincent Abubakar (40)I45I+3) on penalties. The Untamed Lions thus temporarily lead their Group A, pending a meeting between Ethiopia and Cape Verde. Video feedback on the game and goals.

Play. Cameroon overthrows Burkina Faso

The wait was long. Almost half a century without organizing the African Cup of Nations on its territory. But after a three-year delay, Cameroon finally launched “its” can against Burkina Faso at the Olembe Stadium in Yaounde. The Indomitable Lions then begin this opening match and immediately receive a good free kick, followed by a nasty foul by Steve Yago (1I) Accepted with yellow card. The set piece does nothing, but Cameron is already announcing the color.

The first occasion of this meeting is also the effort of Vincent Abubakar for Antonio Conciçao’s men. Served well near the surface, the Cameroonian striker controls ideally to spin in the axle and spin before hitting… Hervé out of Kofi’s frame (8)IMoments later, the Burkinabe goalkeeper went too far from his goal to intervene on a long recovery from his Cameroonian counterpart. But Hervé Kofi was removed by Karl Toko Ekambi, who pushed into the right corner, failed to straighten his center (10)I) conditions multiply manifold.

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In the quarter of an hour of the game, the Untamed Lions focus on the sides and try to get out of the game. But failing to regain its supremacy (60%), Cameroon would be punished. At the end of the triple position in Burkina Faso, Gustavo Sangare is served solemnly by Bertrand Traore at the outpost. Onana completely missed the exit and the Cavili-Ruen striker (L2) signed a perfect flat with his foot in the empty cages (24)I0-1). Cameroonians are punished for their lack of accuracy.

The start of a score filled with excitement from the fans of the Indomitable Lions. Somewhat defeated, Cameron lacks the edge to make up the difference. But the people of Antonio Concicao will be rewarded for their efforts. Zambo Anguisa was crushed in the penalty area by Burkinabe captain Bertrand Traore. After consulting VAR, the experienced Algerian referee of the match, Mustafa Ghorbal, assigned a penalty point. Vincent Abubakar then comes face to face with Hervé Coffey, who provides the equalizer in Cameroon, with a stark contrast (40)I1-1). Olembe Stadium is overjoyed and the Lions are restarting the match.

And while both teams blow at the end of the first period, the Lions will again get a penalty. Launched at full speed to the left, Nuhou Tolo entered the box before suffering a slipped tackle from Issoufou Dao, who was in full motion. Seattle Sounders’ left flank collapses and Mustafa Ghorbal points for a second time penalty. Here again, Vincent Abubakar is depicted with the exact opposite (2-1, 45.)I+3). Cameroon overcame Burkina Faso just before the break.

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Upon returning from the locker room, no change can be reported and Burkina Faso is beginning this second act. The Burkinabes take the ball forward and, facing pressure from Camou Malo’s men, Cameroon retreats. Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana is also forced to portray himself with a decisive reflex stop. Clinging to the goal exit line on the right, Bertrand Traore tries hard at ground level towards the goal. After a block from Jerome Onguen, the ball returns to Adama Guira, who strikes from close. On her line, Onana Burkinabe pushes the shot back with a strong hand (55 .)I) Hot shot in Yaoundé!

However, Cameron is close to making the break. Outnumbered, the indomitable lions led a reaction after a missed strike from Traore and pushed back. Vincent Abubakar then moves to the right to Moumi Nagamalu, who enters the box and crosses his shot. Hervé pushes Kofi backward, into the legs of Abubakar who counters in goal (59 .)IHowever, the captain does not celebrate his hat-trick as a goal for an offside position from Nagamalu upstream is denied.

We finally got 69. must waitI Minute play to see the first change in this meeting. For Cameroon, Karl Toko Ekambi and Emmanuel Kunde have been replaced by Clinton Naji (69) respectively.I) and Eric-Maxim Chaupo-Motting (69.)IMoments later, Firmin Sanou conducts coaching with input from Mohamed Konate instead of Edmund Tapsoba (71).I), and from Yaya Sanogo to Cyril Byala (71.)I,

At the end of the match, Cameroon tries to take a break to further improve their entry in the African Cup of Nations. But the indomitable lions fail to find their way back. For its part, Burkina Faso does not manage to get a foot on the ball and concedes a pass. Despite five minutes of extra time, the score remained the same. Cameroon won the opening match of CAN 2022 and led their Group A temporarily pending the meeting between Ethiopia and Cape Verde.

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