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TAHITI, April 25, 2022 – The Department of Health is launching a call for projects as part of the Commune en Sante plan. Associations and local actors with projects that have contributed to the promotion of the health of the population are invited to submit them before 17 June. The winners will receive grants for the implementation of their project, preferably on a long-term basis.

With the prevalence of overweight and obesity within the Polynesian population, particularly with 40% obese and 30% overweight among adults, the Department of Health is exploring ways to act to promote health among the population.
Thus, as it announced in a press release on Monday, it is launching a call from local partner actors of municipalities (federations, sports federations, fishermen, farmers, etc.) for projects that provide a health-friendly environment. participate in doing. It seeks to rely on their expertise and knowledge of the local context “To propose customized and coherent solutions”.

This approach is part of the system healthy communityproposed for 48 municipalities of French Polynesia, which “Promoting health at the municipal level, through the implementation of actions that are favorable to people’s behaviour, their environment and their living conditions.” “Healthy Communities” implements actions around five main themes: local and balanced eating, physical activity, life without addiction, community well-being and environmental protection.

All collaborating associations of municipalities involved in the health promotion approach are invited to respond to this call for projects before 17 June. projects will be considered “Contribution to the development of health-friendly mobility in the municipal sector.” Presented verbs “To see lasting change in the beneficiaries should be long term and not punctual.” The winners will get a grant for the implementation of their project.

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