California surpasses New Jersey with the second most cases of coronavirus

On Friday, California was the state with the largest number of coronavirus cases in the U.S., by crossing New Jersey, facilitating a crash in positive tests.

California confirmed more than 170,860 cases by Saturday morning and bypassed more than 168,490 cases in New Jersey. According to Johns Hopkins University data.

California has a much lower infection rate per capita when comparing 40 million residents to about 9 million living in New Jersey.

However, the state broke records for new one-day infections this week.

California has documented 3,455 new coronavirus cases in Tuesday’s third-highest daily installment.

However, the state later broke a one-day record on Wednesday, recorded 4,083 cases, and again on Thursday, 4,317 more news cases were reported.

Virgo, a month after the state began to alleviate its restrictions at the shelter, and Gov. Gavin entered a wider reopening process as the third stage of Newsom’s four-stage plan.

The governor continued to move forward with the reopening of the state, thinking that he expected positive cases to increase as his testing capacity improved.

However, on Thursday, Newsom announced an order to carry out a mandatory face mask in most indoor environments and outdoor environments where social distance was not possible.

A family wearing face mask walking in West LA Farmer's Market in Santa Monica, California.
A family wearing face masks walk at West LA Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica, California.AFP via Getty Images

“Science shows that facial skins and masks are working,” Newsom said about the new policy. “They’re critical to keeping those around you safe, keeping things open, and restarting our economy.”

According to Johns Hopkins, New York ranks first among all states, with a series of coronavirus cases reported in the early morning of the republic with more than 386,550 cases.

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