California man released COVID-19 warning day before death

California man released COVID-19 warning day before death

A California man who contracted with coronavirus after joining a party, posted an unforgettable warning on Facebook the day before he died.

Tommy Macias, 51, began showing symptoms a week after joining a party at Lake Elsinore, about 70 miles outside of Los Angeles in early June. NBC News It was reported.

On June 20, he wrote the tragic message, which he expressed that he regretted the social withdrawal measures and the mask-wearing guidelines and that he risked his family.

“I jeopardized the health of my mother and sisters and family because of my stupidity. This was a very painful experience, ”he wrote.

“This is not a joke. If you need to go out, wear a mask and apply the social distance. “

“I hope I will survive with the help of God,” said Macias, a trucker.

An official from the Riverside County Vital Records Office told NBC News that Macias died from COVID-19 the next day.

Macias, her brother-in-law, Gustavo Lopez, tried to closely follow the state’s on-site accommodation between late March and early June, as she was at risk of diabetes. Yahoo News told.

However, Macias decided to join the party after pointing out that Gov.Gavin Newsom would relax coronavirus restrictions.

“He was quarantining because he was overweight and had diabetes,” said Lopez.

After Soiree, one of Macias’ friends contacted her to report that she tested positive for the coronavirus and knew her positive diagnosis when she joined the party, Lopez told Yahoo.

However, the friend mistakenly believed that he could not transmit the virus to others because he did not feel any symptoms.

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Lopez said he knew that more than a dozen people signed up with the COVID-19 after joining the party.

Macias was transported to a local hospital around 11:00 am on June 2, and placed in the ventilator at roughly 16:00. and before he passed away at around 9:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Lopez said.

“He would do anything for everyone,” Lopez said to Yahoo. “No question asked.”

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