California lawmaker shot in the head during ‘ambush’ at police station

California lawmaker shot in the head during 'ambush' at police station

An armed man hit the deputy of a California sheriff during an ambush at a San Luis Obispo County police station – then escaped from the scene and allegedly killed a homeless man.

According to the San James Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, the armed man, identified as Mason James Lira, started anger when he opened fire at 3:45 p.m. at Paso Robles Police Department and shot a police officer in the face.

Mason James Lira
Mason James LiraSLO County Sheriff

Windows and a door were shot in the building. Nobody was harmed inside.

San Francisco Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said, “We think this is an ambush, it is planning, it is aimed to get out of the police department and attack them.” said at a press conference.

26-year-old Lira escaped from the scene of the injured officer. The injured lawmaker said he was in a serious but steady state with a bullet in his head.

The police then shot at the Paso Robles train station and found a homeless man. Police said that the unidentified temporary situation at the age of 58 was once shot from behind the head at close range.

The police were looking for Lira last night, as they posted pictures of the suspect and warned him that he might be armed.

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