But where does the feeling of deja vu come from?


  • Deja vu is the feeling of having already seen or experienced a current situation.
  • It is often accompanied by a sense of untruthfulness or strangeness.

“The feeling of deja vu usually lasts no more than thirty seconds. It is greater indoors than outside, and at the end of the day”, Comments on the B2V Observatory of Memories.

Fatigue and stress are predisposing factors

Deja vu affects more or less everyone but it is more present in the youngest and disappears with age. Fatigue and stress are predisposing factors, “Because perhaps they modify the resources of meditation”, Keep up the experts. These experiences are usually repeated several times in the same subject.

Interpretations or attempts to explain the phenomenon of “déj vu” are many, even though the most common concerns “A sort of separation of the two physiological processes of our memory usually activated simultaneously: familiarity and recall”Explain to the experts.

Deja-vu can also refer to an experience or an aspect (an object, a place, a face, etc.) that is already familiar but whose recognition is withheld from a different context, from which the identity occurs. “Excessively” The whole scene as familiar. control is being established, the person quickly understands that this is “a subjective feeling” and not reality.

When should we be worried?

whatever the explanation, “The phenomenon is physiological in some way (sometimes like the tip of the tongue or the sense of the word on the lapus) and should not cause concern unless it is repeated frequently, if it is very monothematic or occurs for a long period of time. Is” , Assures the B2V observatory of memories.

Deja vu nevertheless exists in a certain number of pathological conditions and is therefore no longer common. In neuroscience, we can refer to temporal epilepsy, but then sensations are often felt and are similar from one experience to another. It has also been reported during psychiatric illnesses and the consumption of psychostimulant products (amphetamines).

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