Britain. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson involved in a scandal

Prince Andrew finds himself again at the center of a controversy, this time financially. A London court is probing the case of 77-year-old Turkish millionaire Nebahat Isbilen and a former banker, Selman Turk. The latter may have prompted her to pay, among other things, an amount of £750,000 sterling (889,500 euros) to Prince Andrew to help him with administrative procedures.

A “substantial amount” paid to the prince

The millionaire fled to the United Kingdom after her husband, the then MP, was imprisoned in Turkey in 2015 for political reasons. He needed help so that his wealth, which included his money (66 million pounds sterling, or 78 million euros), would not be confiscated by the Turkish state. The 35-year-old former banker living in London then offered his services.

According to Nebahat Isbilen’s lawyer, Selman Turk embezzled £38 million. In documents produced in court, the exchanges prove that “substantial” sums were paid to Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

“Gift” of 889,500 euros

The Duke of York and his ex-wife may have been asked to facilitate complex administrative procedures due to the nationality of Nebahat Isbilene. Thus, “around November 2019, Selman Turk told Nebahat Isbilen that he was to ‘gift’ 750,000 pounds sterling (889,500 euros) to the Duke of York in exchange for his help”, according to documents from the yard. “A crooked and dishonest proposition. ,

Though the exact role of the couple is not clear, but they received the amount well. However, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson repaid them. £750,000 was sent to him on 15 November 2019, he transferred it to Ms Isbilene in January 2020, as indicated by bank movements.

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The Selman Turks disputed the scandal, emphasizing the complexity of the case of Nebahat Isbilen, a “politically at risk person”. The hearing should take place after the court has studied the matter.

Upheaval in the British Crown

Prince Andrew never stops embarrassing the British crown. After getting involved in Epstein’s case, he struck a settlement with Virginia Giuffre, who accuses him of sexual assault for an estimated amount of £12 million sterling (over 14 million euros). They were stripped of their duties and titles within the army.

In January 2022, being sued for non-payment for a luxury chalet in Switzerland, he reached a £6.7 million settlement with the plaintiff, Isabel de Rouvre. The Chalet Hellora in Verbier belonged to the prince and his ex-wife.

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