“Britain has a second dose problem” warned Jean-Yves Le Drian

Invited by France Info this morning, the Minister of Foreign Affairs warned that the EU would not be disappointed over the vaccine issue.

«In France, as many vaccines have been administered with the second dose as in Britain.»: Jean-Yves Le Drian, wanted to destroy the image of a Europe that faces hardships while London vaccinates with a vengeance. The Foreign Minister desired to recall that the country depended on European production. For the moment Brussels has sent 21 million doses to Great Britain and has not received any subsequent products. A situation that cannot remain according to the minister.

Europe has tightened the conditions for the export of anti-Kovid vaccines outside the European Union. If he denies the term blockade, Foreign Minister AstraZeneca was firm against the laboratory, primarily targeted by the measure, explaining that he simply wanted “Respect for contract»

Twenty-Seven eventually aims to become the world’s leading vaccine producer, the latest due to being taken out of the factory with 2.5 billion doses.

Should not be vaccinated “As a promotional tool»

The minister also criticized countries that use their production of supplements for political ends and influence as a tool in the service of the common good. Russia, which uses its vaccine, Sputnik V, in its destinations “As a promotional tool“And cite communications around 40,000 doses sent to Tunisia as an example, while at the same time Kovacs has already shipped 100,000 and plans to increase to 400,000 by the end of May.

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The same treatment for China with Sinopharma. 200,000 vaccines have been dispatched to Senegal while Europe is sending double the number to the country with a total target of sending one million doses.

This communication war will not prevent 27 from supporting the poorest countries in their access to the vaccine. Jean-Yves Le Drian said: “Immunity will be global or not»

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