Brexit News: Boris says European Union is adamant in its demand for fishing and wants to flee without a deal. UK | News

Michelle Bernier will meet with fisheries ministers to determine whether they will drop their demands for uninterrupted access to the UK’s rich fishing waters. Despite the UK leaving the European Union, countries like France have refused to drop their demands to facilitate a free trade agreement. For this reason, In our latest exclusive poll, readers were asked, “EU states demand access to UK waters – should Boris leave the negotiations?”

In response, 9,594 out of 11,327 people insisted on leaving the PM’s talks.

Only 1,692 said he shouldn’t, while 41 weren’t sure.

Commenting on the survey, one person said: “This is either the UK fishing rules or now.

“Scrap your fishing boats and get another way of life.”

A second said: “No agreement is the only way forward.

“As a sovereign country, the EU can no longer dictate – they just don’t get it – the big stupid days are over.”

The third man said: “Let go of Boris, we never agree to what they want.

“Enough is enough, for God’s sake we’ve been wandering around for four years, get out now!”

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One of the main areas of contention between the parties through negotiations was Fischer’s direction.

Although the UK is now a separate country, the EU has demanded uninterrupted access to British waters, the way they have gained experience through common fisheries policy.

UK officials, however, insisted that Britain must be able to determine our access and quota of water next to our reservoir.

Since there is no agreement on fisheries with the European Union, the UK government has drafted a fisheries bill to determine how the UK will control its waters.

Under the bill, EU ships will no longer have automatic access to UK waters, while the four confused countries will have to make statements on how to achieve the proposals proposed in the law.

The law is now in the final stages of the Commons process and will be the stage for its October 13 report.

Despite the lack of an agreement with the EU, last week, the UK government announced a fisheries deal with Norway.

The landmark agreement will now allow the two countries to hold annual talks to determine access and fishing quota levels.

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