Breast cancer screening decline in 2020 Drôme Ardèche . I am concerned

Breast cancer screening declined in 2020. in France, just under 43% Concerned women made an appointment for a follow-up mammogram, up from about 50% in 2019. Historically low rates associated with health crises, postponement of screening and closure of radiology practices during earlier confinement.

The figures in Drôme Ardèche are less worrying, but they have also declined by about 3%. In the midst of the Pink October campaign, efforts are being made to mobilize the League Against Cancer and local associations. They remind us that a late diagnosis can have dire consequences.

“Breast cancer is curable in 90% of cases when it is detected early” – Claire Lavesiere, President of Aguirre Contre Le Cancer

The Association gir contre le Cancer, based in Romans-sur-Isre, organizes about twenty wellness workshops, sports challenges and self-examination sessions to inform as many people as possible. Its president, Claire Lavasier, says it’s a matter of concern. It particularly affects women over 50 but also younger women.

“All around us are women dear to our hearts, it is important to encourage them to test”, he continues. Especially when the cancer is still in its infancy, the chances of remission are greatly increased. “It heals 90% of the time when it’s caught early.”

100% support

elderly lady 50 to 74 years of age invited to test every two years. Appointments with a radiologist are covered entirely by Social Security, with no upfront cost.

breast cancer is always Most common cancer in women.

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