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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom shown “naked” in a hospital. And Labor accuses them of irresponsibility

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson still has some arguments. To end in the viewfinder, this time, there is a picture of him going into a hospital without a mask today. To accuse the British premier of an “irresponsible parade” is the Minister of Health, Labor Jonathan Ashworth, who published on Twitter a photo of Boris in a shirt sleeve, his hair as messy as ever, his Mouth open and walk without mask. corridors of a hospital. Nose and mouth of all those present are covered.

Dragons and Coins by Boris Johnson, which replaces the Trevi Fountain

The prime minister today skipped a court debate over the ethical standards of MEPs after Conservative MP Owen Paterson was forced to resign over his lobbying, taking the UK by storm. According to Downing Strait, Johnson could not make it in time because he was on a long-scheduled visit to a hospital in Northumberland.

It brings the family together.  Indiscretion from Buckingham Palace, the Queen's move

“Boris Johnson is not only so cowardly he doesn’t show himself in parliament,” but he “performs without a mask at an irresponsible parade in hospital. Patients and NHS staff deserve better,” Ashworth tweeted In fact, the Guardian points out, in some photos from the trip Johnson has a mask on and in others he doesn’t. In Great Britain, the mask is no longer mandatory, but the government requires you to wear it in case of exposure or overcrowding invites.

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