Bourita: The hostility resulting from generalization must be addressed with caution and solidarity

“Be assured of Morocco’s unwavering and ongoing commitment to truly contribute to regional peace,” the minister said.

During the meeting, held in virtual mode with the participation of the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and the heads of diplomacy from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel, Mr. Bourita hailed “together, an opportunity to innovate”. our commitment to peace«.

Indeed, he assured, “today we are showing the whole region and the whole world that” We should all take courageous steps To go ahead and look bigger”.

“The normalization of relations with Israel is a truly historic event, one to be remembered for that it has raised new hope and paved the way for a unprecedented speed“, observed Mr Bourietta, noting that the USA-Morocco-Israel agreement, signed last December, “forms the basis of this renewed relationship”.

The signing of the agreement reflects “the deep connection between the Moroccan kings and the important Moroccan Jewish community”, he said, while reiterating the Kingdom’s sincere appreciation for the central role of the United States as “guarantors of this process”.

He recalled that since the tripartite agreement was signed after more than 20 agreements covering various fields, Inauguration and launch of diplomatic representations, creation of a forum for dialogue and cooperation including five regional working groupsOpening and launching of communication channels between business communities operated about twenty flights by two Israeli airlines.

The challenges are to preserve, improve and give meaning to normalization after the success of the resumption of relations, the Minister underlined, In this context, citing four points to be considered It seeks to demonstrate the benefits of regional peace and security, the need to restart the peace process, treat the hostility resulting from normalization with “vigilance and solidarity”, and work to establish a new “regional order”. is about.

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Regarding the resumption of the peace process, a fundamental initiative, the minister indicated that for Morocco, there is no other option for a solution. two states with an independent Palestinian state Within the limits of June 1967.

In addition, the condition of Al Quds should be protected as a common heritage of humanity and a symbol of peaceful coexistence for the adherents of the three monotheistic religions, he stressed that the state “has always played an important, but thoughtful, role in facilitating peace in the past and that it continues to play this role today.” is ready”.

Mr Bourita further observed that the generalization not only generated sympathy, but enmity, that should be dealt with” Vigilance and solidarity«.

“For example and unfortunately, A neighboring country has decided to break ties with Morocco on this pretext, among other things, the restoration of its relations with Israel, ”he said.

The minister also highlighted the need To establish a new “regional order”, in which Israel is a stakeholder rather than an “outsider in its territory”.

“This new regional order should not be looked against against anyone but for the good of all of us. Similarly, it should be based on an updated joint assessment, but also on how to generate opportunities for sustainability and growth for all”, concluded Mr. Bourita.

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