Boris Johnson divides voters in his stronghold

Ahead of the local elections on Thursday 5 May, the RFI visited the constituency of Boris Johnson’s Uxbridge, located in Greater London. The prime minister is not the candidate, but the Labor opposition has pitched its campaign against him.

With our correspondent in London, Emily Wines

Voting will take place in the United Kingdom on Thursday 5 May. In Northern Ireland, the local assembly must be renewed. In the rest of the country, these are elections for some local authorities. A very regional, regional election, which is nonetheless the taste of a test: in recent months, the Conservative government has gone through a crisis of popularity, particularly because of downing street parties during the imprisonment.

Jess Thurgur, a Labor candidate for Uxbridge Local Council, has been knocking on doors for the past two weeks convincing voters. , Of course, we’re told a lot of local problems: garbage cans, roads… and on a national scale. I really feel like there’s a development “, she explains.

Accompanied by party officials, Jess Thurgur tries to cheer up the residents who are tempted to abstain. Preferred goals: disillusioned with the government, like Nick, is still undecided. , I no longer want to vote for the Conservative Party. I don’t care about local issues; For me, it is above all national questions that make me hate the party. was there” partygate , But at the same time, he broke his campaign promises by raising taxes. Government is a disaster. ,

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But some in Uxbridge remain loyal to the local MP, boris johnson, and for his party. The bill would vote for the Conservatives: I like Boris, I think he does a good job. Of course, they shouldn’t have celebrated… but they got us out of Brexit, from imprisonment. Now let him run the country. The Labor Party has not controlled the local council since 1998.

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