Boris and Care have locked the horns of laptops in the lockdown in Parliament Coronavirus

M.aybe because most of the minds were focused on the outcome of the election held in the United States. Or it could be that all the arguments were already made before the Prime Minister gave his speech on the second national lockdown on Monday. Either way, this week’s PM’s questions have curiously felt underrated. Rather as Cair Starmer and Boris Johnson were going through these motions, both took it as a read that it was a more easy point for the Labor leader to win.

Yet, no politician has ever allowed their repetition to hinder what they say, whether they are right or wrong. So after urging Johnson to agree that no votes were counted for any candidate in the U.S. election and which weren’t – Boris, like all good people, believes you can have too much democracy, so he probably refused to answer. – Starmer went into lockdown business.

Did the government take so long with this particular U-turn? After all, it has been two weeks since the Prime Minister introduced the three-tier regional system. Boris abruptly nodded and curled his hair, realizing that his more playful appearance on Monday was widely seen as a sign of weakness, and proceeded to talk nonsense. He was absolutely right in introducing regional lockdowns and suddenly he realized that they were not working so far and the rate of infection was increasing across the country until this moment they were working great.

Perhaps Starmer was as confused as everyone else with that argument or was not in a glutting mood. It has become very easy to win the argument against Boris. The opposite of what you are doing is the opposite of what he said he would do and you will at some point prove to be the ultimate right of the government. So the obvious failure of Johnson’s leadership and the fact that Torres is now pursuing a labor policy is something bigger than Starmer talking about adopting some common ground. If the government had implemented a two- to three-week “circuit breaker” lockdown in the half-term as SJ and he recommended, there would have been less deaths and less damage to the economy. So what was the plan if December 1 was no longer the value below 2 December?

Here Boris rather fought. Although he could be sure that the parliamentary lockdown regulations would end on December 2, the afternoon after the parliamentary elections, he had no idea what would happen to replace them if they were insufficient to reduce the rate of infection. Even Typhoid Didor’s test and trace method seems to have improved enough to overtake him, so he can only say that he hoped the lockdown would work and it was political point-scoring that it shouldn’t. T.

Which was somewhat ungrateful because it was Sturmer’s promise to vote in favor of the government action that ensured they became law. But then Boris was never identified for his loyalty or gratitude. He unabashedly said that Kair should be more like Tony Blair, who wrote a piece in the Daily Mail about lockdowns, tests and traces and vaccines that the current Labor leader easily wrote. No wonder Starmer was shocked. He spent most of last week resisting the Labor left who felt he was already much more like Blair.

Seconds out, three rounds. The two leaders of the party are pushing for a new lockdown soon. Surprisingly, both Johnson and Starmer appeared less enthusiastic or combative than their predecessors. Boris spent most of his time trying to allay the concerns of his own party, the Liberals, who threatened Labor to vote against him rather than hit the pot, while Starmer gave his stock speech to the auto-pilot. It was all very driven.

Theresa May when things escalated a bit Johnson was told as he came out of the chamber as soon as he started talking that the point was to lose a little love between the two and May began to say how he could not vote with the government. He must have enjoyed it. Boris has been serially betrayed for years, but it’s better to do something.

Often, what was missing from Lockdown Refugees was that they had no idea what they could vote for. How long were they willing to accept the protection of the economy in the death of Kovid? What alternatives did they suggest to circuit breakers, considering that the rate of transmission in the area covered by the lockdown was increasing almost invisibly? Still, not getting answers is always the main advantage of backbenchers.

Matt Hancock was left in the hands of the government to close the debate. He also regretted the need for lockdown restrictions and promised to reconsider the rights of people to play golf and tennis. He also hinted at holding the government back from communal worship. Not a bad thing, as a prayer we feel like we are gone. Labor supports it, with speeds easily surpassed by less than 40 rebels. But very few people suspected that they would all return to debate the same thing in a month.

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