Bolton thinks Trump is ‘worried’ for Americans reading his book

Bolton thinks Trump is 'worried' for Americans reading his book

John Bolton thinks President Trump has aggressively attacked his book because he is “worried” about “uncovering the facts in the records.”

“President said he wanted this book not to go out before the election months ago and knew why,” Trump’s former national security adviser, ABC News, told Martha Raddatz on Thursday. in another quote of an interview Sunday night weather.

“Because he knew this would be factual and didn’t want the facts to be recorded,” Bolton continued. “The president is not worried about foreign governments reading this book. She is worried about the American people who read this book. “

In addition to Trump’s personal attacks on Bolton, his management worked for a long time to prevent Bolton and his publisher Simon & Schuster from releasing bomb shelling.Room,” at the end of this month.

The Ministry of Justice filed a federal lawsuit against Bolton on Tuesday to try to block the publication of the book, and requested an emergency court decision Wednesday as an additional measure.

Trump early Thursday tweeted Bolton is a “sick puppy” who has filled his book with “lies and fake stories, all aiming to make me look bad”.

John Ratcliffe, Trump’s national intelligence manager, made a statement Wednesday evening that Bolton’s “unauthorized disclosure of confidential information undermines our national security.”

However, Bolton insisted that the management’s efforts were not related to national security, saying that in his ABC interview clip, his book went through a rigorous four-month review to ensure that it did not contain any confidential information.

“When I wrote the book, to begin with, I was very conscious of avoiding putting anything that I thought could be considered classifiable,” he said.

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Bolton added that he would not be honored in response to personal attacks against Trump.

“I think he’s not leaving his post as president,” said Bolton. “I think it is breaking the political civil discourse in our country and [I’m] he just won’t answer him. “

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