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11 Tue 2012.

How to share grief after one year?

The rational approach, which is involved in informing, is giving statistics (read the last issue of Science et avenir on this topic – “Fukushima, Hardening” and on site

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Fighting for measurement (the basis of all scientific analysis). It is sometimes seeking answers to questions without an accurate answer: How many patients will be due to radioactivity? Will all evacuees return to their homes? Is there no death in the plant? Friday 9, you were going to ask such questions during a chat -Where, sometimes, in honesty there are to say “I don’t know”. If you want to share the grief, then you have to agree that the journalist does not know.

How to share grief after one year?

The poetic method raised in one of Natsushi Banya’s hikes is: “Islands of earthquakes and tsunamis, power plants and cherry blossoms”. Or these others: “Liberal baptism of plutonium on barely sprouted grass”; “Freshly Extracted Milk in Reactor Smoke Fields”.

We can read them in the last pages of the book “Earthquake Archipelago. Writing from Japan on March 11, 2011, published by Piquiere Poche (9 rosus) under the direction of Corinne Quentin and Cecil Sokai. Profits from the sale of the book are donated to Tohoku’s victims.

How would you benefit from reading? They are not quantitative. More than twenty authors have contributed to this work, including essayists, novelists, journalists, photographers (a small photo book on Recujentacata, with the question of what a “good picture” such a tragedy might be) … Sometimes these days were simply written. After the onset of earthquakes, tsunamis and the Fukushima disaster, sometimes several months later. Some scold with anger, such as the novelist Hosaka Kashi, who finds himself thinking about art (which he calls “the technique of convenience”): “practicing art and listening to nature outside of yourself Lana. What, deep in your being, you want to do. Seeing a drop of rain at the window has nothing to do with a little girl writing a sentimental note in her notebook … “Against politicians later , With the accusation: “If we cannot get rid of politicians then the useless people clinging to their positions without interest in disaster areas, it is not out of intellectual laziness, it is because the system itself was built in this way Is that politicians work during separation from society. This is because “they” have created a system that does not reflect the will of the entire society.

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After a few pages, in a completely different register, it is unpredictable and misleading, an almost science-fiction notion of a “cosmic jerk” in Takahashi Gen.Ichiro, which works wonders, thus: “” Not only dictionaries Exists in the equation and calculation formula as a symbol, so we understand that it has a certain characteristic.

This time “trembles”, that’s it, “Temporary shock”.

It also does not stop the novelist from practicing raucous humor: “Be applicable to all your people that is devoid of clarity, devoid of behavior!” “.

Before life starts again?

At the end of the book, it is reproduced Scenery û, Very short folk poems full of irony, are written by the resident Minami-Sanriku. We cannot resist citing one: “Help me instead of the bride sending the food”.

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