Black protester carrying white man to safety tried to avoid ‘disaster’

According to a report, the Black Living Matter protest, seen in a viral video carrying a white counter-protester over his shoulder to security in London, said he did it to prevent “disaster”.

“My main focus was on avoiding a disaster, suddenly the narrative like ‘Black Life Matters, Young People Killing Protesters’ suddenly changes. This was the message we were trying to avoid ” Patrick Hutchinson told CNN.

The personal trainer and Muay Thai fighter were photographed while walking from angry groups while carrying his opponent, who was hurt in clashes at tourist attractions in central London on Saturday.

Other Black Lives Article marchers put protective arms around the injured man while being safely transported by the police surrounded by riot police.

The man was not immediately identified, but witnesses told Reuters that he was one of the hundreds of right-wing counter-protesters who broke George Floyd’s protests.

Hutchinson told CNN that he had initially seen the man lying in a fetal position surrounded by protesters.

He said that he and his friends had made a cord around the man before taking the scoop to take him to the police.

“I carry it, my friends protect myself and the man on my shoulder. He was still receiving blows, you can feel that people are trying to hit him, ”Hutchinson said to the network.

“There were also people trying to protect him, I took him to the police and told him you were here. One of them said, “Thank you. You did something good there. ”

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Pierre Noah was among those who helped Hutchinson during the conflict.

“I save two lives there. I save the man who is about to be crushed and beaten. And then I keep those young children in prison for life imprisonment, ”he said. He told the BBC.

Hutchinson said he participated in the protests because “history was being prepared” and “no brains” to support the cause.

“I want to see equality for everyone. I would love to see a better world than I live with my father, grandfather and young children, little grandchildren, nephews, nephews, ”said Hutchinson.

“The world I live in has been better than my grandparents and family, and I hope we can continue until we achieve complete equality for everyone,” he added.

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