Beyond the “Love It or List It” license for regional settings in France and Finland


beyond rights kept up the momentum of the popular real estate fair”Like or list this», announced two new versions manufactured in Finland and France. in France, M6 The format has been licensed and is now in pre-production on its version of Finnish. rabbit movie Produced the first 10-episode series for the broadcaster fourWhich will release on 26 August. The Scandinavian broadcaster also won the fourth season of “Love It or List It: Australia” and “Love It or List It: Brilliant Builds”. Beyond Rights UK (Channel 4), Norway (TV2), Netherlands (Talpa TV), Turkey (Discovery), Portugal (sic), Spain (Mediaset), Poland (Virtualna Polska, CanalPlus), New Zealand (Discovery), Australia (Foxtel) and Latin America (Discovery).


Dubai based distribution and production company SynProNize Took some Arab drama series,”beirut bride” is “al nihya» and will distribute the series in Ghana and Pakistan respectively. “Beirut Bride” is produced by Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, and ignites the interrogative relationship between a businessman and a nightclub singer, while Egypt synergistic advertising Produced “Al Nihaya”, a post-apocalyptic story of a software engineer who comes face to face with a futuristic version of himself. SynProNize was founded in 2020 by a new member of the Academy Nitin Michel is laughing deskunes.

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baftaThe British Academy of Film and Television Arts has revealed the results of its final round of elections in which it participated. Anna Higgs Elected Chairman of Film Committee all putty As Chairman of the Television Committee, as well as appointed by the Board of Directors as Vice President of BAFTA. Continuing in his previous roles, Joe Twist was elected chairman of the sports committee and Krishnendu Majumdar as President of BAFTA.

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“Along with Joe, who remains the chairman of our sports committee, all of our film, sports and television committee presidents and members are at the heart of the BAFTAs as a whole. As volunteers, they help the BAFTAs grow and succeed in their careers. We give our time and expertise to support and train talented people from across all industries to help this happen, and I thank each and every one of them for everything they do,” Mazumdar said. in a report.


Sarajevo Film Festival The former nominee for best actress (“Gruppa”) and winner of Locarno’s best actress (“Belly, belly sweat”) were invited to the festival. jasna surishi President of the Jury of the 27th of this yearthis Festival version. Most recently, uriić directed the cast of the film Oscar nominated by Jasmila banik for Best International Feature.Wilcox, Ada? “

“With the stellar role of Aida, crowned amidst all her stellar roles that we have been fortunate enough to see, Jasna Suricic once again showed an extraordinary power of talent and artistry to project the most human destinies. Difficult. And to amaze the world. We are delighted to have this extraordinary artist as the chairman of the jury of the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival.” mirsad purivatra As announced in Belgrade.


ITV found out that martin compston (“Politics”), tuppence middleton (“Downton Abbey”) e Rupert Penny Jones (“The Drowning”) will direct the cast of his next thriller.our home, “from pictures of red planet. The trio come together by supporting the supporting cast. Veruche Opia (“I can destroy you”) e buket komuri (“Respect”). About a woman who comes home one day and finds that all her belongings are gone and strangers have moved in, the series’ screenplay is adapted by simone ashdown is Belinda Campbell is the executive producer. sheri focusson (“Bridgeton”) conducts with tom mullens (“Endeavour”) serving as producer.

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100 ball cricket match hundred is aerial game Collaborate for a new augmented reality experience for game lovers. Using motion capture technology, both companies have recorded the full range of professional cricketers’ movements in great detail and will use their findings to improve future broadcasts by implanting avatars in live coverage. The 3D model can be mounted on any background and will soon be available on Sky Sports The Hundred.

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sixth season”big brother nazOne of Nigeria’s most popular reality shows is heading to the UK where it will be available to stream on the African platform shomax. On July 24 and 25, the service will host a special double launch of the new season, hosted by longtime presenter and first season contestant Ibuka Obi-Unchendu. In addition to the regular 24-hour live stream of the series, other “Big Brother Naija” content will also be available on ShowMax, including Head of the House Challenge and daily highlight recaps.

cultural advice

ITV He appointed his members cultural advisory council, an independent group of external consultants from various industries to help BTI recommend its diversion and inclusion activities. The board will meet four times a year with the ITV Director of Inclusion and Diversity Ed Rockliffe As well as other senior members of ITV. The new members of the Board of Directors are: Priscilla Bufour, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at TikTok EMEA; Dr. Halima Begum, Pdg D Runnymed Trust; Sinead Burke, founder and CEO of Tilting the Lens, an accessibility consulting firm; Shani Dhanda, disability expert and founder of the Asian Women’s Festival and the Asian Disability Network; Sam Friedmansociologist, sociologist and professor of inequalities; Christophe Kena, founder and CEO of Brand Advance, a multimedia network on diversity; is Kelly Lee, Senior Media Manager.

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