Ben Stiller’s favorite tennis player is Argentina


like the actors behind great movies zoolander Yes my girlfriend Polly Expressed his support to the network for a South American athlete.

The actor is a sports enthusiast.© GettyThe actor is a sports enthusiast.Federico Carestia

Thanks to social networks, especially verified accounts, it’s so easy to know what some artists think. Hollywood on contemporary topics. In this context, it is also very easy to know the passions that inspire them. For example, years ago when marcelo bilsa promoted to first league with english Leedsgot support from Nikolaj Koster-Waldous Yes Matthew Lewisstars of iron throne Yes harry potterrespectively.

From now on, within the framework of a new edition of the tournament atp-tennis Joe Montecarlo was a high profile star who made it clear he was closely following this edition of the tournament. it is Ben StillerAn actor with a recognized career, which for many may be associated with comedy such as zoolander, my girlfriend Polly or the trilogy mad peoplewhere he shared a stage with Robert De Niro,

in your official account Twitter, Stiller He retweeted a post from one of the athletes participating in the tournament and did so with a gesture of support. it is Diego SchwartzmanArgentine tennis player, currently ranked 16th in the world. That day, the South American athlete defeated the Italian 2-6, 6-4 and 6-3. defeated by Lorenzo Musetti (Position 82 in the standings), and qualified for the quarter-finals where he would meet world No. 5, Stephanos Tsitsipas,

After hard work, after winning schwartzman Shared a video of the match summary made by the account @tennisTV with two emoji hands in the air. a few hours later, Stiller He retweeted this with the message ” Go @dieschwartzman,, display, to which more than 2 thousand were added Love In a very short time, it was quickly filled with proud messages in support of the Argentine figure. Hollywood,

The Ben Stiller series is not to be missed

This last month Ben Stiller took center stage thanks to a large range developed for Apple TV+, it is gravity, in which this cast was as the director of a large part of its episodes. Composed of 9 chapters it is a dark satire that reminds black Mirror Which tells the story of a company that succeeded in developing a very special chip. While anchored in its employees, it allows them to share their personal and professional lives. Have you started it already?

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