Belgium launches a new application to fight COVID-19

The Belgian government has launched a new application for the fight against COVID-19, even though all indicators of the pandemic are in sharp decline.

The GovApp collects information about the fight against the pandemic and can also send messages containing codes for testing and warnings in the event of high-risk contact, explained ministers of public health of various levels of power (federal and federal entities). could.

The application replaces the earlier application SMS sending system. He said in a statement that the process was subject to fraud and cost the government a lot of money. It works on the basis of mobile phone number and does not store any identification data. In addition, the content of the messages is encrypted.

This is the third government application deployed in the fight against Kovid-19 after CoronaAlert and KovidSafe.

All indicators of the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium have fallen sharply, according to data published on Tuesday by the public health institute Scienceno.

Thus, the daily average of contamination decreased by 20% during the previous week to 4,785 as compared to the previous week. This while the number of tests fell 5% to 19,400 per day and their positivity rate was 27.3% (-4.9%).

The decline was even more pronounced for hospital admissions (-22%), whose daily average is now 138, and the number of deaths per day (-23%), which is 15.1.

A total of 2,227 people infected with COVID-19 are currently in hospital (-19%), including 133 in intensive care (-19%). Finally, the reproduction rate (RT), which measures the degree of infectivity of the virus, is estimated at 0.85. When it is less than 1, this indicator means that the epidemic has subsided.

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