“Battle of the English Channel” continues, tensions over fishing in British waters

Any excuse to escalate tensions between Paris and London is good, especially after the case of the Aucs Alliance (United Kingdom, USA, Australia), which “stole” a significant order of French submarines from Australia.

Is it Jersey Island’s fault?

France is now calling on the EU to take a stronger position, especially in the dispute over access to British territorial waters. English Channel.
As “punishment”, Paris tells Brussels to cut energy supplyjersey island, 22 km off the coast of Normandy, which did not want to issue a sufficient number of licenses to French fishing boats: France threatened a naval blockade of protest at the port of Saint Helier, the capital of the island.

Prime Minister of France, jean castex (56 years old) told the National Assembly that the European Union should have a more decisive attitude towards the United Kingdom.

Castex: “The European Commission needs to do more”

“It is the European Commission that must ensure that the terms of the agreement are respected,” Castex says.
“I also say this clearly before the National Assembly: the Commission must act, it must do more, and ensure that the commitments signed by the United Kingdom are respected”.

Last week, a third of French boats asked to fish in Jersey waters were turned down by the island’s administration.

Previously, the UK had granted permits for its coastal waters to only 12 of the 47 French ships that applied for them.

Licenses were granted in May as part of the Brexit agreement, but British officials now claim that the total of 75 rejected French boats so far do not meet the only requirement: for at least eleven days off the island in the last three years. For fishing in water. years.

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And not only that: there is also “cod warfare“…

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