Barrier gestures are necessary to fight all viruses

A figure of increase since the use of hygiene measures and wearing of masks especially in public places. Of course, socially, wearing a mask is a good thing, explains Dr Bruggere, but it should continue to be worn in certain places and under certain conditions. Because if the Omicron variant is less aggressive and 85% of the population is now vaccinated against COVID-19, the virus continues to spread despite everything. So we should be alert. With regard to vaccination, Dr. Bruggere notes that many people aged 80 and older today are 4. want to reciveth Vaccine dosage. General practitioners, who were already vaccinating, are in even greater demand since the closure of vaccination centres.

Many patients are currently being consulted for other symptoms and especially the flu which made its comeback this year, after two years, during which it was more discreet, was eclipsed by COVID-19.

There is competition between viruses, explains Dr. Bruggere. But barrier measures are the real protection to fight all viruses. “We have to live with the coronavirus, Dr. Bruggere explains. We also have to wear masks when needed, as is the case especially in Asian countries.

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