Barcelona opera house plays in thousands of facilities

Barcelona opera house plays in thousands of facilities
It is not uncommon for Barcelona to sell performances at the Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house, but musicians played to an unusual audience on Monday to mark it. Spain most removal of locking – when thousands of plants fill their seats.

The event was the work of the conceptual artist Eugenio Ampudia and included a show from the UceLi Quartet string instrument quartet.

According to the statement made by Liceu, a total of 2,292 plants were placed in the theater while performing the “Crisantemi” of the string string quartet Puccini.

Although people were not in the audience, the audience could watch “Concierto para el bioceno” via live broadcast.

The famous opera house said in a statement, “it welcomes and pioneers a highly symbolic action that advocates the value of art, music and nature as an introduction letter to our return to action.”

Plants were brought from nearby nurseries and each will be donated to a healthcare worker from Barcelona Hospital Clinic.

The facilities will be donated to hospital staff.

The facilities will be donated to hospital staff. Credit: Emilio Morenatti / AP

The opera house added that the organizers who followed this “strange, painful period” wanted to offer us “a different perspective for our return to the activity, a perspective that brings us closer to something as important as our relationship with nature.”

Spain’s coronavirus emergency forced Liceu to suspend the program of events in mid-March.

The country has recorded 246,504 coronavirus cases and 28,324 deaths so far, According to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

The country’s state of emergency ended on Sunday, and cultural venues can now be reopened with a limited number of viewers.

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Artists all over the world are struggling with the restrictions applied during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some have tried streaming online, others played in driver theatersa few even made reservations to play in empty stadiums.
The situation seems to last for a while, as some including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said big meetings such as sports events or concerts. It may not continue before 2021.

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