Baird launches two humanities collections

Baird is inaugurating two new humanities collections in March.

Led by a historian specializing in Algeria and Maghreb Benjamin Stora, “Counterpoint” provides a dialogue between two intellectuals. “More than a debate, it is a mutual enrichment of two perspectives “., Underlines the editor in a press release. The two first titles will be released on 17 March. in Think of boundaries, Author and philosopher Regis Debroy And Benjamin Stora discusses the notion of a border, which outlines references to a nation-state, which is crossed to avoid an obstacle or be closed to safety. Historian and member of the French Academy Pierre Nora Conversations with Benjamin Stora Colonial memories. Together, they examine colonial approaches applied to migration issues and question the memory of colonization and the Algerian War in the history of immigration to France.

the director Gilbert Tsaber, “Wide Open” advances the future, “gives life”Solid dreams, daydreams that take shape, gaps that make themselves visible. “ From the pen of committed writers. The three first titles will be released on 31 March. Watch when the time comes Brings together eleven contributions on the perception of time towards Jean-Christoph Bailey. Barbara Casein and Daniel Wozni And some of his projects were highlighted, such as the Solidarity Cultural Bank or Dictionary of Unrecoverable Three Monotheism. Eventually, Giles Clement The proposal, with a touch of humor, to take advantage of the renovation works of Notre-Dame-de-Paris to make it a greenhouse garden Our lady of plants.

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