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The Engineering Science exams will be held on May 11 or 12, 2022 (depending on your registration). Find below the topics your copies will cover. Revise your exams without stress, knowing the exact topics!

If you want to practice, you can use previous years topics and answers.

Theme of Subjects Bac Science de l’ingénieur 2022

Skill 1: Innovate

break with the existing – improve the existing

, Develop a global approach to innovation

, evaluate the solution

Skill 2: Analysis

, Analyze the need, material and functional organization of a product through a systems engineering approach

, Characteristics of the power and energy required to operate a product or system – Identify the energy exchange on a structural diagram

, Analyze the reversibility of an element of a power series

, Analyze information processing

, Analyze the behavior of an object from a discrete event description

, Analysis and characteristics of the information exchange of a system with a communication network

, Analyze the principles of digital modulation and demodulation

, Analyze the main protocols for communication networks and hardware support

, Analyze servo system behavior

, Analyze the load applied to a work or structure

, Analyze experiment and simulation results

, Increases the performance difference between expected values, measured values, and values ​​obtained by simulation

, Research and propose reasons for observed performance discrepancies

, Validate established models for describing the behavior of an object

Ability 3: Model and Solve

, Proposition and justification of assumptions or simplifications for modeling

, Characteristics of physical quantities that represent power transmission at the input/output of a multi-physics model

, Associate a model with components of a power chain

, translate the expected or observed behavior of an object

, translate an algorithm into an executable program

, model a structure, system, or circuit in graphic form

, Modeling Movements – Modeling of Mechanical Actions

, Features of the exchange of information

, Associate a model with a servo system

, Use the laws and relationships between effort and flow magnitude to develop knowledge models

, Quantify flux (current) and force (voltage) in an electric circuit

, Determination of mechanical actions (a constant unknown or external mechanical action of a connection) that lead to a stable equilibrium of a system, function, or structure

, Determine the geometric and kinetic quantities of a system

, Determine the flux quantity (linear or angular velocity) when mechanical actions are applied

, Determine the magnitude of effort (force or torque) when the desired movement is exerted

, Enhance the performance of a real or imaginary object by solving equations that describe theoretical operations

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Skill 4: Experiment and Simulation

, Proposal and rationale for an experimental protocol

, device as a whole or part of a product to measure performance

, Implement communication between the so-called intelligent objects

, Identify specific quantities of communication protocols

, Modify efficacious parameters and control program to optimize product performance

, Validate the digital model of the counterfeit item

Skill 5: Communication

, Present a protocol, an approach, a solution in response to a need – present and formalize an idea

, report result

, Collect and extract data – Compare, process, organize and synthesize relevant information

, documenting a computer program

, Optimize your communication for the target audience and select the information to transmit – script a document according to the target audience

The Physics Teaching Program complements the engineering science specialty teaching of the final section of the Common Pathway.

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Adjustment for 2022 Engineering Level

As far as the “Engineering Science” part is concerned, the subject of the exam will allow you to select a part of the question, Each topic will have several independent subsections:

, a first subdivision have to treat,

, The other subsections will be left to you to choose from among the many offers. All sub-parts will cover the content separately from the terminal program and will be equal to the time taken to process them.

, As far as the “Physics” section is concerned, key words will be present at the beginning of the exercise to give you the best possible idea of ​​the core areas covered. The topic will be constructed in such a way that the choice is as detailed as possible. So you will have 2 exercises out of 10 points to choose from the 3 exercises offered.

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