Azerion becomes European digital powerhouse after strategic acquisition of InSkin Media

London, UK, October 21, 2021 – Azerion, a rapidly growing digital entertainment and media platform, today announced the acquisition of InScene Media, a leading multi-screen, high-impact digital advertising company.

This integration is in line with the company’s ambition to become the leading European digital entertainment and media platform. Inskin Media’s expertise gives Azerion’s clients access to a wide range of scalable, high-yield and impactful advertising.

“We are delighted to welcome Inskin Media to our platform. Their focus on delivering high quality digital brand advertising to customers and partners aligns perfectly with our business ethic. The integration of programmatic and digital advertising providers into our Best in class will create great synergy even within the network. ledge Jost Merks, Azerian’s Chief Investment Officer, From.

InSkin Media’s mission is to maximize the impact of digital campaigns. The rapidly growing advertising technology company has recently launched several new products in response to the increased demand. Specializing in multi-screen, high-impact digital brand advertising, it is committed to creating impactful and effective online experiences. The company partners with 260 publishers, works with over 1,000 blue-chip brand customers and distributes campaigns to over 2,000 premium websites worldwide.

Ian Jacob, president of Inskin Media, Explain: “Inskin Media’s story is one of innovation, quality and growth, which is why Azerion – as one of the fastest growing media platform companies in Europe – is the ideal match for us. Azerion in the marketing and digital content sectors We are in love with Ezarian’s ‘can do’ attitude and incredible pace of development and are very excited to be a part of their growth story.”

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Matthew Newcomb, CEO Van Inskin Media, adds up: “Tackling attention span in digital advertising is one of the most pressing challenges for advertisers today. Our experience and expertise in developing and delivering great brand advertising campaigns will help Azerian drive customers with more positive engagement and outstanding business results. will do.”

This latest news comes after the October 19 announcement that Azerion has acquired monetization platform PubGalaxy. A few months before that, Azarian acquired the company Sublime. Both acquisitions aim to strengthen the advertising offering in Europe. In April 2021, the company raised €200 million (£168) in financing. InSkin is the ninth company acquired by Azerion in 2021.


over azarian

Azerion is a rapidly growing and leading pan-European digital entertainment and media platform. Our integrated platform provides technology solutions for media buyers and sellers to automate the buying and selling of digital advertising. Content creators, publishers and advertisers work with us to reach the millions of people around the world who play our games and use our entertainment concepts to drive engagement, loyalty, and e-commerce. Founded in 2015 by two Dutch entrepreneurs, Azerion has experienced rapid expansion thanks to organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Azerion’s head office is located in Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands.

on inskin media

Inskin Media provides high quality digital advertising on over 2,000 premium websites worldwide, partnering with 260 publishers and over 1,000 leading brands. Powerful, influential rich media formats draw attention to any device through engaging ads that blend seamlessly into any personal environment. Standardization technology ensures that every ad works flawlessly regardless of platform, media or design, simplifying the process for brands and agencies eager to take advantage of these highly memorable and powerfully effective advertising opportunities . Founded in the UK in 2009, Inskin Media now operates internationally, with eight offices around the world.

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